Friday, April 8, 2011

9 days till Due Date

I can not believe my due date is next Sunday!! It does not seem real that soon she will be here! I know a lot of people do not get to experience the whole "water breaking" but i hope i do! I want to have the thrill of knowing, Wow she will be here anytime!! It is going to be the best feeling in the world.

Our lives are about to change for the best and we can not wait!

Just shy of starting week 39

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Home Stretch

Today we had our 37 week appointment and our last ultrasound. I guess with the weight I have gained the Dct wanted to check the size of the baby. The technician says she is around 6 lbs 10 oz and it can be off by a Lb either higher or lower. Looks like we may have around an 8 lb baby girl, my guess!

I also had him make sure she was still a girl...that is always my fear! haha Adrianna has hair and all of her fingers and toes! We got a 3D picture but its really hard to tell unless its in front of you. Her arm and hand are under her chin! We can not wait to meet her! I am trying everything I can to get her out!! haha

Love her little face to pieces!!! Hurry up babygirl and get here already!

Monday, March 21, 2011

36 weeks and counting

Had a dct appointment today and everything is still going right on track! Finally i did not gain any weight!!! WOO HOO!!! Blood pressure and everything is good even though my feet are as swollen as an elephant and my inner thigh pain is killing me...oh yeah....along with the numbess of my right hand!!!

We are in the long hall now and I can not wait for Adrianna to come! I have loved being pregnant up until this point. I always hear the last month is the worst and I believe them now!

I have an ultrasound next Monday to see how big..or small...she is!!! I can not wait to see her again! Ya never know...she may make her appearance before then!!

I told Mark I was going to pack my overnight bag and he asked "Why? You arent due until the 17th." Oh Mark...I told him i can go at any time!!! I am ready and prepared!!!

 36 weeks

Her room is now complete!!

Come on Adrianna Marie...we all can't wait to meet you!!!!!

Gracyn Anilee Nichols

We are so happy Adrianna's cousin has made her arrival!!! Weighing in at 7 lbs and is 19 in! She is a spitting image of Robert!!

Adara and her baby sister!

Melissa is doing good and everyone is home same and sound! All we need now is Adrianna to join the family!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kicks and Flips

All she is doing these days is just that....kicks and flips! I feel her all the time in there and I know she must be getting cramped!! According to all my research and weekly emails, she is around 2 lbs and 15 inches long! I am in the middle of my 29th week...7 months! WOW..crazy! Where has the time gone!! I feel like i just found out i was pregnant!!

I went to my last 4 week dct appt on Friday and had to take the glucose test. They make your drink this sugary orange soda type drink in 5 minutes. After waiting the hour, they take your blood and will call you if there is "bad" news. I have yet to hear anything so no news is good news they said!! Looks like my sugar is under control!!

I start going to the dct every 2 weeks now. All of my appt's are on Mondays so mom can take me if I don't feel like driving. Mark hasn't been able to come to any appt's but since he gets out of work early, he may be able to make this Mondays. These appt's they do the same check heartbeat, urine, blood pressure and now I will be getting measured. Make sure everything is growing fine! They may have told me to lay off on the eating a bit but HEY, this is my only pass to eat what i want! I cant help it if I am hungry ALL the time!! I have cut back on the junk and eating late at night! I am proud of myself!!! I dont get why Mark hasnt gained any weight :)

This past weekend Dad and Mark painted her room! It is sooo cute! I can not wait to be standing in it with her!!! We will be getting her furniture within the next week and I am starting to wash all of her clothes!! I can not wait till my shower and we can have her room set up waiting for her arrival!!!

                                                              28 weeks and growing

The start of 31 weeks...9 left to go!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Disneyworld with The Hoover's

Well off to Disney we went on the 7th. Happy 1st Birthday Hailey!!! She did great on the plane, me on the other hand hates to fly, but I was fine. We arrived early which was good and got to the hotel around 10:30pm. Sat we woke up and headed to Magic Kingdom where Hailey would have the best time!! She got to meet Mickey for the first time and ride her first rides! It was a lot of walking and my feet were hurting but I hung in there. The weather was great during the day and it got chilly at night! On Sunday we did Downtown Disney so there was more walking! It was a great weekend but it was good to be home and in my own bed! It is getting harded to sleep these days so having my own pillow and bed was great!!!! I can't wait to take our baby girl there when shes older!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!

Well Christmas this year was def. different than all the others!! More gifts for baby and less for us...but I wouldn't have it any other way!! 23 weeks and getting bigger by the day!
23 1/2 weeks

Mark and I took a trip to MD to his parents house the weekend of the 17th. Justin and Anna were visiting from MI and we wanted to go there so they could all be together! I knew his mom would love that! The only person missing was Mark's twin Michael, he lives in FL this time of year. We were really excited to see Mark's sis Maile, who just got engaged to her BF Archie! Her ring is beautiful and it was so fun talking wedding again! We can not wait for theirs...9/10/2011! They may have a little cute flowergirl ;) LOL

It was a great weekend just hanging out with family, playing games and drinking (they were)! We exchanged gifts Sat night and we got great gifts for the baby! Picture frames, outfits, playmat and lots more! This little girl is so loved already!! I can not wait for next Christmas!!

We headed home on Sunday around noon and went straight to the DiLullo Christmas party at my Uncle Ernies house. Everyone was there and it was a great time! When us DiLullo's get out! haha Uncle Art bought me canoli's...OMG so good! Just what the doctor ordered :)

The whole gang together!

Dec 25th- Yay Christmas is here!!! Mark surprised me with this beautiful necklace...mother and child...diamond is also the Baby's birthstone! Love him so much!
The picture is hard to see but its the best gift ever!!!

Christmas Eve we went to my parents house and had dinner. Mom made some fishes but not all 7 this year since she is really the only one that eats them! haha I had fish sticks!! :) 

Christmas morning we went back to moms around 9am to walk in to the smell of bacon, sausage, eggs, scrapple and much more! Dad was already hard at work making his great breakfast!!

I think the best Christmas present to mom and Mark was feeling the baby move! I feel her all the time but its hard for anyone else to feel...not today! She was all over and so excited!!! She knew it was Christmas and I was about to feed her a great meal!!! haha Being 24 weeks now they say the next 3 weeks she will double in size...but not me!!!! That is when i think everyone will really be able to see and feel her!!! My next dct appt is the 30th! Cant wait to hear her again!!!

Its present time!!!!! Mom and Dad got us some great outfits for the baby...too bad noone took my camera to take pics! This little girl already has more clothes than Mark does...not me yet! haha I took some the next day!

We went home to get showered and changed and headed back to moms around 230. Aunt Kimmy, ReRe, Kevin and Michael were already there! The best words i heard them say were "You look much smaller in person!" THANK YOU! This is why i hate pics...they make me look huge!! haha It was so good seeing everyone, its been awhile!

It was present time and more gifts for this already spoiled it! She is going to be one stylin little girl!!!

                                                                    Gifts from ReRe!
                                                        Gift from Aunt Kimmy and Michael!

Gift from Uncle Kevin!

She is a lover of all teams until she can decide on her own!!! haha

Well it was another GREAT Christmas and we couldn't be happier!!! Next year it will be totally different and we are ready for it!!!! We are going to start doing the baby's room soon and then it will really hit me that we will be parents!!! OMG! I love saying that!

Thank you to everyone who bought our Little Princess a Christmas gift! She is very happy, i can feel her rolling around in joy!!! Love you all!!!!

18 weeks

16 weeks

14 weeks